Let there be Light –

I am Sam, a story-loving, fresh-start filmmaker with a designer background, and this was my application as an ambassador for Zhiyun. I love to work with natural light and for me it’s all about passion and how we can use it.

What passion does is passion fuels you it gives you the fuel to press past your fear in order to fulfill the purpose that you are called to. Each of us received a gift at the beginning of our journey through life. This mood film deals with the wise and meaningful use of our gifts, the light we have received and to live a life in your element. As filmmakers we create with light and without light nobody would ever see our stories. Light is my element. To discover one’s personal gift at an early age is not self-evident and therefore we should not bathe in the light of our abilities, but go out into the sometimes really dark world with our gifts, our lights and make a difference for people and for the world.


Zhiyun Lightollector Ambassador


Winter 2017



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Let there be Light